Kids both young and old will be endlessly entertained by our incredible games and fun area. We offer face painting, carnival games and more, with everyone a winner and dozens of prizes!

      Hookahs are the classic Middle Eastern smoking instruments.With a charcoal and a fill of tobacco, hookahs provide 30 - 45 minutes of relaxation and are easily shared with groups of people.

      Rentals are available during Mahrajan hours for $10 per fill.

        Backgammon boards are available for rent at the Hookah station.

        Considered to be one of the oldest board games in history (over 5,000 years!), Backgammon and its variants are enjoyed by players of all ages across the world. With each roll of the dice, players must move their checkers closer to home while evading, blocking, or capturing the checkers of their opponent.

          Offering fabulous gifts and souvenirs, including:

          • Buttons
          • T-shirts
          • Cooking supplies
            • Aprons
            • Cookbooks
            • Ingredients
            • Baklava-making tools
          • Ornate olive wood carvings
          • Decorative and religious gifts

          And many more!

            Throughout the Mahrajan, we regularly provide raffles for cash prizes, items and gift certificates offered by local businesses.